6yr Old Raped & Killed by Neighbour in Hyderabad
The Times Of India
Sep 13, 2021

A six-year-old girl was allegedly raped and murdered near Saidabad police station in Hyderabad.

There seems to be no end to crimes against women and girls. In a fresh horrific incident, a 6-year-old girl was raped and brutally murdered in Hyderabad, capital of Telangana. The name of the rapist is Raju. The incident took place in Singareni Colony which is near the Saidabad police station of Hyderabad. The girl went missing on 9 September morning. The worried parents started looking for her but they could not find her. They then lodged a complaint at the police station. The cops then started searching for the girl. The mother of the girl became suspicious of a man who was their neighbor as he too had gone missing. She informed the police about her suspicions and they searched the house where they found the girl’s dead body wrapped in a sheet. The body was semi-naked and there were bite marks on the body. 

When police took the body in the ambulance, residents of the area started throwing stones at the police. When news of the girl’s rape and murder spread, there were strong protests in the area. Roads were blocked as well. Protestors demanded the government to pay the girl’s family Rs 50 lakh as compensation. With tension gripping the area, nearly 300 police personnel were deployed to control the situation. 

The body was taken to Osmania General Hospital for postmortem under heavy security. Police officials are now looking for the rapist Raju. Raju is suspected to have lured the girl by offering chocolates, while she was playing near the house and took her to his house. The police have arrested him. A police official said, “The situation in the locality is normal now. The postmortem is being conducted and further investigation will be carried out based on the report. We will thoroughly probe the case and ensure those involved are severely punished.”