6yr Old Army Dog Dies Protecting Soldier in J&K

Heroic dog Kent shielded her handler during a counter-terrorism operation in Narla, Jammu Kashmir, on September 12, 2023.

On Tuesday 12 September 2023, a joint team comprising personnel from the army and police’s Special Operations Group launched the search-and-cordon operation in Narla following inputs about suspicious movement. The terrorists opened fire at the search team after which the security personnel retaliated with automatic fire. Kent, a six-year-old Golden Labrador, was stationed with the Indian Army, serving as a tracker dog. As the search operation unfolded, the group of soldiers, with Kent, ventured into the rugged terrain of Rajouri, Jammu Kashmir. Their mission was to track down terrorists who posed a threat to the safety and security of the region. Terrorists, hidden in the shadows, opened fire at the group of soldiers. In the face of danger, Kent’s instincts kicked in, and she displayed an extraordinary act of valor. With bullets flying and chaos ensuing, Kent bravely shielded her handler, taking the bullets meant for him.  She laid down her own life to protect her human companion. She displayed a level of courage and devotion that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. To pay tribute to Kent’s ultimate sacrifice, the Indian Army shared a video that captures the essence of her service. The video showcases Kent in action during a search operation drill. In this footage, we see a determined Kent leading a group of soldiers through thick bushes near a forest. Many dogs work with the army. The canines have tracked down hardcore terrorists, sniffed out deadly explosives, helped in search and rescue, and saved scores of lives. The army and the police launched a joint operation on Tuesday 12 September 2023 night after receiving intelligence about the terrorist movement and their likely hideout in Garol, Anantnag a forested area. The team came under heavy fire when they were closing in on the unspecified number of well-trained terrorists. Two decorated army officers — a colonel and a major — and a deputy superintendent of police were badly shot. The three men later succumbed to their injuries at the army’s base hospital in Srinagar.