40-Year-Old Man Murdered Over a Plate of Momos

A 40-year-old man was murdered by an 18-year-old boy in Mohan Garden in west Delhi on the night of 3rd September.

A 40-year-old man was murdered by an 18-year-old boy who lives in the same neighbourhood of Mohan Garden in Delhi on the night of 3rd September. After a brief fight which began after a plate of momos that the boy was eating, fell down when the former brushed past him. The alleged attacker, Nakul Kumar Das (18 yrs), who was drunk at the time of the incident, was handed over to the police by his family within a few hours of the murder. The victim was identified as Jitender Mahto (40yr), who is originally from Sitamarhi, Bihar but was living in a rented house near Mohan Garden, Delhi with his wife, three children and brother.  His old parents live in their native village. The first information report (FIR) was registered on the statement by Jitender’s friend, Virender Kumar Mahto, who was also an eyewitness of the incident. According to the police, Jitender’s murder took place at around 9pm at a crowded market in Mohan Garden. Virender told the police that Jitender called him on 3rd September evening and asked him to meet him at the market. Police said Jitender was rushed to a nearby hospital, where the doctors declared him dead. A police team along with forensic experts, reached the crime scene after being informed about the murder. They collected evidence from the spot and reached the police station, where they found Nakul had already surrendered. According to police officers, Nakul’s family members found him near a petrol pump in Ranhola and noticed blood on his clothes, and a blood-stained knife in his hand.  After learning that he had stabbed a man, Nakul’s brother informed the police and took him to Ranhola police station where a case of murder was registered against him, and he was placed under arrest. 


The officers said Nakul is a school drop-out having no previous criminal record. Jitender’s family have alleged that the accused and his mother have threatened them with dire consequences if they “pursued the murder case”. Jitender’s aunt, Sunita Devi alleged that when the victim’s 19-year-old son, Pankaj Kumar Mahto, asked Nakul at the police station why he killed his father, the accused responded with a threat and said, “I will kill you as well after coming out of the jail”. “Nakul's mother also came to our house and threatened us. We are living in fear,” said Devi. When asked about the family’s allegations, a senior police officer, who asked not to be named said, “The family has not told us anything about the threats. We will surely look into it and take action as per law.” Jitender was the only earning member in the family. His family members have sought help from the government for their livelihood and to ensure that Nakul gets the strictest possible punishment for the murder. What do you think about this shocking and heart-wrenching story? Do mention your thoughts in the comment section below.