4 Associations of West Bengal Support Poor During Lockdown

Four Deaf Associations in West Bengal have all worked hard towards helping the impoverished Deaf individuals and people with disabilities. Watch our latest video to learn more.

India has experienced three lockdown extensions and the government will soon make an announcement about the fourth. PM Modi and the entire Indian government is working hard to contain COVID-19. India's priority is to remain united. Many are unemployed, impoverished, and hungry. However there are many who understand this and have lent their support West Bengal, there are four Deaf associations situated in different areas. However, their aim to support Deaf and People with Disabilities has been the same.

The Handicapped Development Welfare Association (HDWA) is located in Kolkata. Their General Secretary is Mr. Sumanta Ghosh. He observed that due to the COVID-19 lockdown, people have lost jobs and many small businesses have shut down. He saw that the people who are suffering the most are the Deaf and people with Disabilities. They were all starving. Sumanta decided to support them all. Using HDWA's funds, he ordered and prepared food packages. He then drove to various parts of Kolkata and distributed food to Deaf and People with Disabilities.

Despite their efforts, there were still many suffering in the Districts of West Bengal. Sumanta was willing to travel to the various districts but there were strict travel restrictions. He then decided to contact the General Secretaries of the associations in the various districts. HDWA then transferred their funds to the General Secretaries of various associations via bank transfer. The General Secretaries of each district then purchased items and distributed them to the people. Through this initiative, 230 Deaf individuals and people with disabilities have been fed.

Murshidabad District Association of the Deaf (MDAD), is an association based in Murshidabad, which is 4-5 hours away from Kolkata. Their President is Swapan Kr Dhar. Their General Secretary is Partha Mukherjee.

Then the entire Board of MDAD decided to support the impoverished poor in Murshidabad. Deaf individuals were given packages containing potatoes, tea leaves, oil, rice, etc.

The North Bengal Association of the Deaf (NBAD), is an association for the North of Bengal. They are based in Siliguri. Their Vice President is Mr. Sanjay Saha and General Secretary is Kanchan Kumar Saha. The entire Board observed that daily wage workers such as cycle rickshaw, carpenters, painters, paan walas, etc. have all shut shop due to the lockdown. Many are starving. NBAD then contacted 84 Deaf and people with disabilities who were starving and told them to gather at a spot. They made to stand in queues maintaining safe distance. They distributed food to the 84 individuals who were very happy and were very thankful.

The West Bengal Forum of the Deaf Society (WBFDS) is located in Kolkata. Their President is Mr. Pranabananda Hazra and General Secretary is Mr. Sanjib Bose. Sanjib came up with an idea when he saw daily wage workers such as cycle rickshaws, coolies, etc are finding it difficult to make ends meet due to loss of work during the lockdown. Sanjib then approached Mr. Hazra who agreed to support such people. Since there was no mode of transportation available, there was no way to help, he requested around 30 individuals for support. They all agreed and even Mr. Sumanta from the HDWA gave them funds. These funds were then distributed to the various districts via bank transfer. Through this, each district then distributed food to its residents.

Heartwarming incident occurred when Sanjib met an unemployed coolie. The Coolie was overcome with emotion on receiving food from Sanjib. WBFDS has supported 60 Deaf individuals in total. West Bengal is the first to do such an initiative. The 4 associations in West Bengal's different areas have all worked on these initiatives on their own. In the end, they have all been united in their effort to support the Deaf and people with disabilities. We applaud their efforts and are proud of them.