3,000 Police Protest in Delhi for 11 Hours

More than 3,000 police personnel and their family members protested at the Delhi Police Headquarters. Watch the video for further details.

On 2th November 2019 Saturday afternoon, a big fight broke out between lawyers and police personnel at the Tis Hazari Court complex in Delhi. A police vehicle was also set on fire during the incident. The police also fired shots at the lawyers and injured at least two lawyers. 

A police vehicle hit the vehicle of a lawyer while he was coming to the court. When the lawyer confronted them the police made fun of the lawyer and 6 police officers carried him inside the police station and beat him. After this, the lawyers tried to forcefully enter the police station but the police did not allow them.The Lawyers and policemen started fighting with each other. The police even fired bullets which hurt a few lawyers. 

After investigating the incident, the Delhi High Court, suspended two officers and transferred two police officers. Then, on Monday 4th November, a policeman assaulted outside Saket District Court. Police officers in Delhi became very angry and gathered at the Delhi Police Headquarters. More than 3,000 police and their families had gathered. They were very angry and said that nobody cares about the police. Even though Delhi police commissioner Amulya Patnaik came and spoke to the police they did not listen to him. They continued shouting and protesting. 

Police said that nobody understands the suffering of the police. The police were protesting for 11 hours. After higher authorities promised to investigate the matter, they went home. 50 people held a candlelight march at India Gate yesterday to support the police.However, the Central Government is not happy with the behaviour of the police and said that they could have chosen to protest in a different way.