3 Associations Distribute Food in Haryana

Three associations in Haryana have supported the poor in such unprecedented times. Watch our latest video to learn all about them.

In Haryana's Fatehabad, there is an association named Haryana Deaf Society,HDS. Its President is Bajrang Dass and General Secretary is Rajender Kumar Pruthi, Joint Secretary is Ajit Kumar and Arvinder Singh is the executive member. All of them supported the poor as PM Modi had ordered a lockdown due to which many Deaf individuals were starving. The HDS Board members saw those suffering and decided to contribute funds, through which they purchased items such as dal, rice, oil, etc. They made 20 food packages.

They then distributed these packages to the homes of Deaf individuals living 50-80 kms away. The Deaf individuals were very happy as they were unemployed and they weren't able to go out as they didn't have money. They were happy to receive the food.

In Haryana's Hisar, there is an association named Hisar Association of the Deaf HAD, it's President is Mandeep, Vice President Vinit and General Secretary is Sumit Sharma. They saw many Indians were suffering due to the extension of the lockdown. The Board discussed and decided to support such people. All the members contributed and more than Rs 10,000 was collected. They purchased vegetables such as onions, potato, etc.

They were then formed into 2,000 packages. HAD then distributed the food to poor people living in slums. They were very happy to receive the food packages. Since HAD still had some balance money, they purchased face masks, chocolate, biscuits, to distribute to children.

In Haryana's Bhiwani, there is an association named Deaf Association Society of Bhiwani, DASB. Its President is Kuldeep Singh - sign name, General Secretary is Rohit Bhaskar. He is an ace badminton player, who has participated in Asian, Olympic, International, National & Haryana State tournaments. He has competed with many hearing individuals, securing many medals. DASB's President saw many people who were suffering, unable to make ends meet, facing barriers and unemployed. The cause for it all was the lockdown. The President felt bad and approached the DASB Board members and asked them to support distributing food to hearing people. The board agreed and the members contributed a total of Rs 9,000. Furthermore, even Mr Bhaskar contributed. 50 kg each of rice, wheat and dal were purchased. Vegetables such as onion, potato, etc were also purchased. Even biscuits were bought and made into packages. These were then distributed to 60 people. Secondly, DASB even donated a cheque of Rs 2,100 to a temple that distributes food for charity.

So that the temple could distribute food.