2 Deaf Girls Commit Suicide in Delhi & Pune

2 Deaf girls commit in different parts of India. Watch our latest video to learn all about it.

On 14th April, there were two shocking news about 2 Deaf girls committing suicide. The news went viral on WhatsApp. Let me tell you about the 1st Deaf girl. A 24 year old deaf girl named Diya had come to Delhi from Hoshiarpur, Punjab on Wednesday 13th April night. On reaching Kashmiri Gate, on 14th April morning, she boarded the metro and reached New Delhi’s Akshardham metro station. There she climbed on the wall of platform no. 2 and was ready to jump down in a suicide attempt. However, some passengers saw her and alerted the CISF. The CISF jawans immediately  approached the girl. The woman ignored their pleadings and indicated that she would not come back from the edge.The CISF and the onlookers kept on saying, “Madam please come down and not to jump. CISF quickly notified the station controller and others who quickly notified the local police and arranged for an ambulance. Another CISF team with the help of local civil employees had even arranged for a blanket to catch her in case she decides to jump. 

And to everyone's shock she did really jump. However she was caught in the blanket and was immediately taken to the Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital and was admitted in the ICU. Doctors at Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital said that she received multiple fractures on her back and leg due to the fall. The doctors told the police that she was not fit to make any statement and her condition was critical. At around 8-9 pm, she was declared dead by the doctors. With the help of the documents and mobile phone from the girl, the police called one of her acquaintances living in Delhi. However there was no suicide note found. An acquaintance of the girl told that she used to work in a company in Gurugram till a year ago. Later she left and returned to Punjab. She was working in Flipkart, but it is being said that she was fired and she was under stress. Apart from the parents in the family there is one younger sister. Her parents are deaf and her sister is hearing. The police said that they are checking the CCTV footage to know how the girl actually climbed on the edge. They are also investigating and will be talking to the family  to know the real reason why she took the extreme step. 

Now let me tell you about the 2nd incident. Gyanendra Purohit from Madhya Pradesh is a hearing person and is associated with the Deaf Police Help Center at Tukoganj police station. He said that he had gone to Bhopal for some work. When was returning to Indore by train, he got a video call from a deaf girl living in Nagpur. She told him that Laxmi, a deaf friend of her who lives in Pune, was going to commit suicide. On this Gyanendra told her to add Laxmi to the line. He tried to ask her about the problem. He tried to counsel her.  He talked to the woman on a video call from the moving train. As he was on the train, Gyanendra was not able to talk properly due to network issues. In the short video call, the woman told Gyanendra in Sign Language. She said that she was pregnant and would deliver in a few days. But her family has not given her food for 4-5 days. She could not even feel the baby’s movement. Disturbed by all this she decided to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train. Gyanendra Purohit tried to counsel her and assured her of full support. He then asked her to go to the nearest police station. 


When she reached the police station, the police were not able to help her as they were not able to understand sign language. They told the girl to go home. The girl left from there. Gyanendra Purohit was still trying to contact her and he asked her for the photo of the police station. The girl sent the photo and then her phone was switched off. Gyanendra googled the location of the girl from the picture sent. He then called up Pune's One Stop Center (One Stop Centres (OSCs) and gave them the information. However they thought that it was a fake call. He then gave his introduction and also sent them the video recording of the call. The team then thought that she might be on the railway tracks near the police station that she had gone to. They immediately reached the railway tracks and found the girl on the tracks, waiting for the train to run over her. 

The team somehow persuaded her and brought her to their office. A doctor was called too. The doctor said that the girl and the baby were not well and their treatment was started. Investigations are going on to know about her family, her husband etc. Updates are awaited.