2 Deaf Men from Kerala & Palestine Rescue Deaf Couple

Two Deaf Men have generously helped A Deaf couple from Nepal to relocate to Kerala. Their generous efforts have helped provide them a comfortable and dignified lifestyle.

Sajan Bahadur & Sommaya Magar are two Deaf individuals from Nepal. They were both in love. They then eloped and got married. The couple left Nepal and came to Chennai in Southern India. In Chennai, a few Deaf individuals helped them settle down. However the house provided to them was extremely filthy. There was no electricity and the house was in a dilapidated state. Sajan & Sommaya had a tough time living in the house. Plus the bathrooms were extremely unsanitary. The couple suffered and stayed in that house for 5 years. They continuously reached out to people asking for help to relocate to another place. But no one helped. They suffered in silence.

Ajmal Jan is a well known personality and has a facebook page called "I Love Nature”, where he creates videos about the benefits of oiling hair, healthy food, etc. Sajan came across Ajmal and sent him many messages on Facebook Messenger. On seeing these messages, Ajmal had a video call with Sajan. Sajan then showed Ajmal the miserable conditions he was living in. Ajmal was horrified that Sajan had lived like this for 5 years. Ajmal then contacted a Deaf man from Palestine. His name was Hamzeh Fritekh. On being told the entire story, Hamzeh immediately agreed to support the couple and helped them move to another place. Ajmal then informed the couple to leave Chennai and move to Kerala. The couple were overjoyed and began making arrangements. Ajmal even consulted his parents for their approvals. His parents even had a video call with the couple and agreed to help.

Hamzeh made a generous donation and helped the two relocate to Ernakulam, Kerala. Sajan & Sommaya were ecstatic to live in the beautiful house surrounded by nature. Sommaya & Sajan were happy to relocate and avail the basic necessities of life. Hats off to Ajmal's efforts. He even built a ramp for accessibility, bought them a TV, washing machine, refrigerator and other basic amenities.

The couple were relieved to be living in a safe space. Ajmal & Hamzeh very generously helped the couple. This has happened for the first time in India. The two men helped the couple on humanitarian grounds.

Muhammed Shafi C.A lives in Ernakulam close to the couple's house. He has been constantly helping the couple with food and medical needs. Shafi has been giving constant reports to Ajmal about their well being. Shafi is extremely kind hearted to work so hard. I am sure you have all been inspired by Ajmal, Ajmal's parents, Hamzeh & Shafi's generosity towards helping the couple relocate. When Sajan & Sommaya left Nepal and moved to Chennai, their families did not abandon them. The two have reconciled.Their families are happy to know the two are safe and have asked them to return home.

The couple want to continue living in Ernakulam as they love being surrounded by nature in Kerala.