2 Deaf Boys Arrested for Looting Petrol Pump in Jaipur

A gang involving 2 Deaf individuals were arrested for looting petrol pumps in Jaipur. Watch our latest video to learn more.

There was a gang of youngsters who would go to Petrol Pumps in Jaipur, Rajasthan and loot the petrol pump by showing revolvers. There have been three such incidents in petrol pumps at Lalkothi, Sodala and Muhana areas in Jaipur. Now the Crime Branch of Jaipur Police have arrested 7 who were involved in looting petrol pumps. Digant Anand, DCP in Jaipur Police Commissionerate said that the gang leader was Nikki Burman and he holds a degree in Hotel Management in Jaipur. He had 4 very close friends Vicky Burman, Ajay Saini, Deepak Roy and Shravan Gautam who were arrested too. They all studied together in school and now started looting petrol pumps. Shockingly, 2 Deaf boys named Vishnu Jangid and Chetan Kumawat who were also a part of the gang. They would talk to other members in gestures and through video calls. During the day they all would roam around in activa and bikes looking for petrol pumps. They would check how many staff were there and if it was safe, etc and once they decided which petrol pump, they would attack at night by showing their guns to scare the staff and then take all the money. After looting the petrol pumps, they would take rest by staying in big hotels in Jaipur. They would spend the stolen money in bars and restaurants. One country-made pistol and cartridges and four vehicles have been recovered from the possession of the gangster.