2 Arrested for Raping Deaf Girl in Mumbai

In Mumbai, two men were arrested for the rape of a 25-year-old deaf girl.

A 25-year-old Deaf girl worked as a maid in a residential society in upscale suburb of Bandra (East). On Sunday afternoon, she suddenly a person saw her going out of the housing society. After that she disappeared and no one saw her. When she did not return, her employer became worried as a lot of time had passed. They then informed her parents who stay in Virar. Her parents filed a missing person complaint with the Kherwadi police station in Virar. The police then tracked her phone. They found that phone was on and that she was in Thane. The police then continued tracking her phone to Dadar. They found her in Dadar along with a man named Sandip Kurhade (22)

When the police took her to the police station, she wrote on a paper and told them everything. She told the police that she was raped in a room in Thane. When they asked SK about this, he said that he met a girl via mutual friends. He met her on Sunday and took her to Thane to meet his parents because he wanted to marry her. However his parents did not give him permission to marry her. So he asked his friend Lakhan Kaale to drop her to Bandra. But LK took to a room in Thane and raped her. When SK came to know about this, he immediately reached the room and took the girl to drop her to her workplace in Bandra. 

But the police arrested them in Dadar. After listening to all this, the police tracked LK and Arrested him as well. Both men have been arrested and were presented in court on 8th October. The court has ordered them to remain in jail till 15th October after which they will have to go to court again.