10 Year Old Deaf Girl Kidnapped & Raped in Pune

A 10 year old deaf girl in Pune was kidnapped, forced to drink alcohol and then raped.

Pune’s Hadapsar area was shocked by the abduction and rape on deaf minor girl. The incident happened in Hadapsar’s Kalepadal area. On Saturday 21st May, a 10 year old deaf girl was playing in front of her house at around 9 pm. At that moment, she was abducted by a man named Rathod and his accomplice on a bike. 

The girl was threatened and taken to a secluded place. There they forced the girl to drink alcohol. He then sexually assaulted the girl. Meanwhile, as the girl had not returned home till late, her mother started searching for her. After questioning the neighbors, they learned that the two had taken her away on a motorcycle. The girl's mother immediately went to the police station and lodged a complaint with Wanwadi police. The police immediately launched a search operation and the police patrolling vans too were informed of the incident. 

Later the suspects then left the girl near her home in the middle of the night and escaped. When the parents saw the girl, they were shocked and immediately rushed her to Sassoon Hospital. A medical examination revealed that the girl had been sexually abused after being forced to drink alcohol. The parents asked her and she in signs and gestures informed them about the incident. Since the accused had escaped, the Wanwadi police are on the lookout for both the accused.