Why Should You Learn Indian Sign Language?

Want to know why you should learn Indian Sign Language? Then watch our latest video!

A big hello to everyone! In your CV I am sure you all have mentioned the languages you know such as - Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. People become aware about the languages you know. Some people have a passion for languages and know Tamil, Sanskrit, English, etc. People enjoy learning the language and about different cultures. Then why aren't you learning ISL? Come on, just learn it! ISL is a non-verbal, with its own grammar & syntax. You have never experienced this before. Interesting right! Just apply for the course! Since ISL is a non-verbal language, facials expressions and handshapes are a part of its grammar. You will surely enjoy the course! Learning ISL will ensure your brain uses its visual skills to the fullest. You all grew up using your oral skills. ISL will help you strengthen your visual skills. You will really enjoy it! Are you wondering where to learn it?

ISH Shiksha has an ISL course, which you can apply for! It starts from 5th June 2023! The course will be from Monday to Friday for 1 hour daily! The teacher will teach on Zoom and you will surely enjoy the clases! It is just a one month course. In this one month, you will learn the basics of ISL such as words, sentence structure, Deaf Culture, etc. Once you learn ISL, you can add it to the list of languages on your CV! Amazing right! If there are hearing people in your family, if you know any Deaf person, encourage all of them to apply for the course. The fees is just Rs 2,000 per month. You will also get a certificate! So come on, apply!

You will really enjoy it! Excited? Then hurry and apply! https://www.ishshiksha.com/learn-indian-sign-language/

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