VAD Celebrates 5th Anniversary in Nagpur

VAD successfully celebrated their 5th anniversary in Nagpur. Watch the video for all the details.

The Vidarbha Association of the Deaf is an association that works to solve the problems of Deaf people in Maharashtra. The Association was founded in 2014. Their President is [Box 02 Akbar Dhamani and their General Secretary is Sandeep Lahoti. Since the association has completed 5 years. To celebrate the 5th anniversary they have organised a Deaf Festival. 

The programme was extremely successful and many Deaf individuals attended the programme and enjoyed the event. They were very interested in the presentations of Joint Secretary  Mr Anuj Jain of NAD and Manoj Patwari the President of SLAD. VAD had also organised a lucky draw with generous gifts such as washing machine, bike, etc. Everyone was very happy.