The History & Foundation of YADI

YADI - Youth Association of India, is India’s first Deaf youth association and set up with a lot of hard work. To learn more about its history, watch the video and continue to support them.

Since 1947, there was no Youth Association for the Deaf, India.

In August 2017 Goa, Many Deaf Youth India Leaders gathered and  decided to voted new board of YADI. YADI was then Registered on 15th December 2017. They obtained the certificate and decided on the official name ‘YADI’ that stands for ‘Youth Association of India.’ The Association's  logo was designed by Rushabh Bhansali. 

Delegates from Indiawent to Durban the WFD Conference and the WFDYS camp. Indian delegates weren’t allowed to vote in the WFDYS Elections because India did not have Youth Association.Then in 2015, at Istanbul, Turkey, at the WFD Conference, Babloo Kumar and Rahul Jain attended the WFDYS Camp. At the delegate meeting, the two indian delegates were not allowed to sit. They were told that,India must create a Deaf Youth Association. As they need an approval signature from the  President and General Secretary of any association in India. Since they did not have it they were not allowed to sit. 

Babloo Kumar and Rahul Jain were hopeful for India to join the next WFD Conference in France in 2019. They then approached AIFD as they were affiliated with WFD. They requested them to allow them to set up a new association under AIFD but due to communication issues and various disagreements, there was a long delay. They then called other Indian Deaf associations but received no support from them as well, which led to further delay. 

Then in April 2017, Rahul Jain went to Australia for Children Deaf Camp. There he met WFD President,Colin Allen also the WFD board. He shared his problems in creating a youth association in India. In response, Colin Allen gave a simple answer. He said that at the age of 18, Youth are responsible for themselves. They do not need to ask any association for help. WFDYS has System that Youth Deaf can set up association under any national association or be independent. However before attending any international programme, they have to first take permission from the Ordinary member of the WFD. Rahul then returned to India and invited youth deaf persons from India to Goa. All the youth leaders decided to set up an independent youth association. Even AIFD agreed and approved. They created a new board and confirmed the Independence of their Association. AIFD approved as well.

After this, YADI then wanted to be affiliated with WDFYS. They then submitted all their projects, aims and objectives to the WFDYS. After going through all this they then made YADI the Youth Ordinary Member (YOM) in April 2019. WFDYS then told YAD that if they want to be included in the WFDYS Board they will have to fill the Nominee form first. After discussing, they decided to select Rahul Jain as the nominee. In the Nominee form he chose to become either an Executive Member or Vice-President. 

He was not selected as the Vice President and a person from Australia was selected. However he was successfully elected as an Executive member. No Indian Youth has ever been included in their board. This is the first time. YADI’s aim is to create a strong community of Indian Deaf youth and to show the world that the Indian deaf youth are smart, skilled and empowered. WFDYS has now approved for YADI to organise the ASIA Camp 2020 of the deaf. In 2020, the Junior Camp will be held in Goa and it will be hosted by YADI. 

YADI is hosting these two programmes and hope to conduct more in the future for the development of the Deaf community in India.  YADI has conducted many camps in North and South India. Their aim is to affiliate many Associations as possible so that Deaf youth have a strong community.