Surprise Announcement for ISH News 3rd Anniversary!

In honour of our 3rd year anniversary, ISH News has a special surprise for all our viewers. To know about this watch this video!

Hello! Hope you are all doing well! ISH News launched on 22 November 2018! We completed 1 year and then the 2nd year. Isn't that amazing! Huh? Oye! Stop! Aree! I am going to tell them something! Wait wait let me tell them! 22nd November 2021 is drawing near and ISH News will complete 3 years!

We really can't believe how fast time flies! We have planned a very special event for you! Do you know what it is? Should I tell them? Should I? Okay then let me tell you.

So when is the event? Remember this date! Umm what time… Now remember this time! You all can join us on Instagram live! Do you know what we will do during the live? Remember our Halloween video? You all loved it so much! You all loved the video and widely shared and commented on it.

People were amazed and wanted to know how the horror scenes were executed. You can ask us all about this during the live! Secondly you will now have the opportunity to interact with the ISH team!

Thirdly, there will also be a quiz and winners will receive prizes. Okay now let's go on to the next. Oh you don't want me to tell them? No? Sorry I can't tell you this. It's a surprise and you will know it during the Instagram live. So do not forget about it and share it with everyone! We will see you all on 21 November!