Special Announcement

Today 22nd November 2019 is a very special day for ISH News. Our team has a very special surprise for all of you. So hurry and watch the video!

ISH News News started on  22nd November 2018 and today on 22nd November 2019 we have completed one year. Our success has been possible only because of your support. You watching our videos, liking and sharing them has motivatedISH team to do more for you. Anniversaries are cause to celebrate yes. However this time, our team has decided to celebrate you, our viewers. 

Starting from today for one month we are celebrating ‘ISH News Month’. We will launch two exciting competitions with special prizes and lots of entertaining videos for all of you. Now you may be wondering what are the competitions. Well patience my friends but you all must involve. 

ISH aims to provide different videos like News, Entertainment, Awareness in accessible format content in ISL that empower Deaf individuals and helps development. We have worked very hard in the last year to do exactly this. This year, we will continue working hard. Keep watching, sharing our videos and staying with us!