SLAD Hosts Maharashtra Deaf Conference in Yavatmal

The 9th Maharashtra Deaf Conference will be held in Yavatmal on 22nd December 2019. Watch the video for all the details.

MDC stands for the Maharashtra Deaf Conference. It was created by SLAD which stands for State Level Association of Deaf. MDC is held every year. This year MDC will be held for the 9th time in Yavatmal. SLAD creates a report of all the demands and advocacy by activists. It makes a reports of all the achievements and failures in a year. Every year they select a place where they present this report. The aim of the MDC conference is to create awareness. Six delegates from different districts of Maharashtra will be invited to the conference. It will include women, youth, government, etc. 

Do you want to know who will give lectures? 

1. Santosh will give a lecture about the youth. 

2. Pradeep More will give a lecture. 

3. Manoj Patwari will give a lecture. 

4. A Zhilla Parishad official will also come to give a lecture. 

Many lectures about women, government, youth, etc will be held at the conference. Whenever there lectures about for example women, women can participate. When there are lectures about government, government can participate. These delegates will then go back to their homes and spread among their community.