SKDP Invites Rajesh Ketkar to Kerala Program

SKDP is inviting MBM’s Rajesh Ketkar for an event in Kerala. Check out our video to know more.

In Kerala's Thrissur there is an association named SKDP founded by Abdul Jaleel. The organisation has been working for the last 8 years to help those who have lost their homes, during the COVID-19 pandemic they distributed food to people across all religions. They provide a lot of help to the poor in the society and also advocate for employment. In 2018, they hosted an event where V Gopalakrishnan who is the General Secretary of AIFD was invited and A.S. Narayanan, President of NAD was invited to the event in Kerala. They attended the event to encourage various associations in Kerala to come together & be united. As it would help them in their advocacy with the government for Accessibility for the Deaf, Human Rights, etc. Here is something interesting! Congress, BJP, NCP, etc. before launching their parties, did a lot of social work.

The aim is to have MLAs and MPs elected from the party in the parliament & the legislative assembly. However there are no Deaf leaders. SKDP was set with the objective to unite the Deaf, do social work, and once it earns a name, they can launch a party and have party members elected in the parliament. SKDP has organised another programme on 5th December 2021. The event will be held in Thrissur and people of all gender, age, etc. are welcome to attend. Rajesh Ketkar who is the Director Project at MBM has been invited for the inauguration.

He will also give a presentation on the RPWD Act and various other topics. There is a lot to benefit from this presentation. Do attend it on 5th December. Timings are from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Entry for the event is free of cost. Everyone is welcome. However, you need to inform one person via WhatsApp. This will help to book and finalise an auditorium and free food will be given as well. Morning tea, lunch and evening tea will be given. Make sure you inform them in advance about your attendance so all arrangements can be made.