Revealing the Special Surprise

The long wait is finally over. Watch our latest video to know all about ISH News special surprise!

Ever since our last video, you all have been very excited to know about the special surprise. We received hundreds of comments. The time has finally come to unveil the surprise. ISH News proud to announce that, for the first time in the history of the world, news videos in Indian Sign Language, with subtitles and voice-over will be available on TV in India! ISH News used to release videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, ISH Website & Twitter . Now you all can watch us on TV with the JIO STB. 

Earlier hearing individuals would watch the news on the TV and discuss it among themselves. Now even Deaf individuals can do the same! ISH News videos are completely accessible with subtitles and voice-over. This is why Deaf and Hearing individuals can watch ISH News together. Nobody is excluded and everyone can gain knowledge and benefit! Wasn’t that a fantastic surprise? In the comments section, we saw that many of you wanted ISH News on TV. Well, we have finally made it possible! So quickly head over to the JIO STB and start watching our videos! However, this is not the only surprise! We have another surprise planned. So make sure you keep watching ISH News.