Registration Dates Extended - 36th Pranay Milan Sammelan

The last date for registration for 36th Pranay Milan Sammelan has been extended to 20th September 2023.

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Hello everyone! Today I am going to tell you about Pranay Milan Sammelan. You all know that it is a matrimonial event for the Deaf. We have released videos about all their events and now they are hosting the 36th Pranay Milan Sammelan.

AIFDW is organizing the event and it is hosted by BFDW in Mumbai. It will be held on 23rd September 2023.

How exciting! You may wonder why we have released another video about it. It is because there is an update. In case you have missed the previous video, watch that first. Now here is the latest update. Remember earlier we had released a video saying 16th September 2023 was the last day to register. Many of you were disappointed. However now the last day has been moved to 20th September 2023. Registrations post 20th will not be accepted as preparations for the event need to be done. Remember post the 20th, applications will not be accepted even if you are ready to pay extra.

Registration fee is Rs 800/-. It is for Male / Female candidates and their parents. If an extra person comes, they have to pay an additional Rs 800/- Please remember. They will provide lunch and a Matrimonial Kit. But that's not all! Here is the good news! A gift will be given as well! Isn't that amazing!

Organizers noticed that there are very few female applicants. They want more women to apply and benefit from the event. So do share it with many Deaf women.

For doubts and queries, contact them. Here is the registration link to apply. 3 forms will appear.

1. Invitation 

2. Payment Details

3. Personal Information. 

Apply quickly and do not delay! The 20th of September is coming soon, so hurry and apply. So please remember. While filling the form, if you have any doubts you can contact BFDW for help.