Patiala Association of the Deaf Celebrated IDSL & IWD

The Patiala Association of the Deaf celebrated each day of the International Week of the Deaf in service to the Deaf community. Watch the video to learn more.

Jagdip Singh is the president of Patiala Association of the Deaf in Punjab. You all know that recently it was the International Day of Sign Languages and International Week of the Deaf from 23rd Sep to 29th Sep. 

Each day of the week was celebrated differently of the PAD. Let me tell you about it. 

On 23rd Sep  PAD went to a  Deaf school in Chandigarh. They met with the students and communicated in Sign Language. Students enjoyed a lot and they communicated in sign language. PAD distributed sweets to the students.. The students were very happy and excited. 

On 24th Sep - PAD organised a drawing competition. Many Deaf schools participated. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize was given in the competition. It was very exciting. Competition for Junior Kg and Senior KG was separate. 

The children really enjoyed the competition. 

25th Sep - 

PAD President Jagdip Singh went to a hearing college Named Khalsa . There he gave a lecture about Deaf Culture and Sign language. The students were very excited and interested to learn more about the Deaf world.His lecture gave students a better understanding about Deaf culture. Everyone liked the program and were very happy. 

On 26th Sep A district level conference was held about the RPWD law and to raise awareness regarding Deaf Accessibility. 

PAD’s aim is to open the government's eyes to the suffering of the Deaf community. They want to spread awareness among the Hearing community regarding the importance of Sign Language. 

28th Sep -

PAD organised a programme in chandigarh where Deaf people gathered from all over punjab and chandigarh gathered. The programme was held to celebrate World Deaf Day. 

They invited  government disability officer as the chief guest. He was quite surprised such a large gathering of Deaf people. More than 600 deaf people attended the program. Prizes were given to 6 people for their hard work and excellence. People who are excellent dancers were given prizes as well. Everyone enjoyed the programme.