Master Sign Language, One Word A Day!

ISH Shiksha will release ISL words every day as YouTube shorts! Make sure you subscribe to learn basic ISL words and communicate with the Deaf.

Hello everyone! Hey all my Deaf friends, when you tell your hearing friends, family, colleagues, etc to learn Sign Language, they all agree but always say they don't have time. When you tell your colleagues to learn Sign Langauge, they too complain about not having the time. Classes are full and people don't have time.

The Deaf want to communicate with their hearing colleagues in ISL, bond and learn from them. So how to do this? Want to know? Hmm so here is an idea! Every day ISH Shiksha will be sharing the sign for one word!


You can watch these on ISH Shiksha's YouTube page as YouTube Shorts! So when Deaf & hearing colleagues are busy, then the Deaf can make their colleagues watch ISH Shiksha's YouTube Shorts! Once they watch these shorts, the Deaf person can teach them how to use it in sentences and will slowly learn Sign Language. Isn't that great! This is not only for your colleagues. Even in hospitals, instead of depending on your family, you can simply greet the doctor & communicate! Show them the signs for cold, headache, cough, etc. The next time you meet, the doctor will use the signs to talk to you! Slowly you both can communicate!

Hmm here's another one! When getting into a sharing rickshaw, or when you meet hearing people on the train, are you bored of greeting them in the same old way? Show them these YouTube shorts, and slowly you can communicate with them easily. It hardly takes any time. You can watch them anytime, anywhere, they are fully free, and there are a variety of words for hearing individuals learn. Hearing people of all ages, be it family, friends, colleagues, etc. can also learn! Isn't that great! Are you ready? So go tell everyone to Subscribe to ISH Shiksha's YouTube channel and share the YouTube shorts with everyone!


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