Job Vacancy: Female Signer & 2D/3D Animation Artist

ISH News is hiring for two positions: a female employee fluent in ISL and a creative 2D/3D Animation Artist; apply by October 10, 2023.

ISH News has good news for all of you. There are two job vacancies at ISH News! The first vacancy is for a female employee. Here are the eligibility criteria. 

1. She must be fluent in ISL and be expressive in nature.

2. English reading skills.

3. Involvement in Deaf Community with an active social life with Deaf persons.

4. General knowledge about politics and social media happenings.

5. Once selected, the job requires the person to be patient.

If you fit the criteria, then click on this link to apply:


The last date to send in your applications is 10 October 2023. Those living in Mumbai are welcome to apply.

Applicants living in other parts of the country are welcome to apply. However, you have to arrange your own accommodation. The second vacancy is for a 2D/3D Animation Artist. Individuals needs to be creative and fluent in ISL.

1. Skilled in sketching on digital screen.

2. Creating models and characters. These can not be taken from Google.

3. These have to be sketched by hand and then created into 2D and 3D animation.

If you can do this, you can apply for the post:


Those with 3 years and above experience are welcome to apply. Remember the last day to apply is 10 October 2023.

Mumbai based applicants are welcome. Those living in other parts of India are welcome to apply but you will have to arrange your own accomadation.

If you are interested then apply soon!