ISH News At the Trailer Launch of Tiger Nageswara Rao

The ISH News team attended the trailer launch of Ravi Teja’s upcoming film Tiger Nageswara Rao - India's Biggest Thief. The trailer was launched in ISL as well.

Hello! I really love him - Ravi Teja! I know that people in the South are big fans of his. This is his real Sign Name but now he is starring in a new movie! Tiger Nageswara Rao is the name of his character in the movie! This is his Sign Name for this movie. 

The movie is called Tiger Nageswara Rao - India's Biggest Thief. It is based on true rumours. 

I am here for the trailer launch of the movie. The trailer was released in Telugu, Hindi and in Indian Sign Language! I was mind blown and thoroughly enjoyed it! If this movie is released with the ISL interpretation then Deaf around the country will be excited.

Here are some video clips from the trailer launch.