Interview With Deaf Experts at WFD 2019

The World Federation of Deaf (WFD) Congress was held in Paris, France and it was attended by thousands of people from all over the world. ISH News interviewed many Deaf experts who shared their experi

The World Federation of Deaf Congress was held in Paris. France. Our representative interviewed Deaf experts from all around the world. ISH News interviewed Dr. Joseph Murray, the President of WFD. He spoke about WFD’s strong relationship with the UN and urged everyone to continue fighting for Sign Language to be a human right. 

T.K.M.Sandeep, Founder and President of Talking Hands Restaurant and V.Gopalakrishna General Secretary of AIFD, Shreyansh Mishra were some Indian Deaf Experts who attended the Congress as well. They were all in awe of the Congress and wanted to bring back all that they learned to India and give an impetus to the progress of the Deaf community here. President of NAD A.S.Narayanan also attended the Congress and was impressed by the transparency in their voting system. He urged everyone to adopt such measures in India as well. 

Sam Sepah, Organisation Development Program Manager of Google; Ali Sanjabi, Operations Support Specialist English Language Institute of Gallaudet University were also present at the Congress. They are extremely unique individuals who offered their own insights to the Congress. The most important part is that these individuals got the chance to socialise and share ideas with each other. Creator and Host of the Daily Moth Alex Abenchuchan was also present. The WFD is an international platform for Deaf experts from all over the world to congregate and share their ideas.