IIDFF Successfully Hosts Deaf Film Festival

ISH News attends the India International Deaf Film Festival and interviews the organisers as well many members of the audience. This festival screened movies completely created by deaf individuals.

ISH News representatives Aqil Chinoy and Mansi Shah are at the 2019 India International Deaf Film Festival in Delhi. This is a three day film festival organised by the Deaf leaders association. This festival is an extremely important event as it screens movies which are completely created by deaf individuals. The IIDFF received submissions from the International Silent Film as well. The top 3 films are going to be awarded.

We even had a word with Murali, the director of the Deaf Leaders Foundation. Who has some very strong and impactful goals for next IIDFF program. ISH News also spoke to the members of the audience, who were in awe of the amazing talents showcased at the program.

Dollywood actress Mital Thacker was invited to be a judge at the festival. When ISH spoke with her she said that  she was completely mesmerized by the movies created by all the participants. She says that she hopes the deaf community gains inspiration by these films.

Kajal Dhawan is the Chairman of IIDFF. She is a extremely passionate about the IIDFF and wants to make sure it reaches the standards of the Oscars. She encourages the participants, to be more professional and enhance their skills.

ISH News is thrilled to be media partners with the IIDFF and hopes more deaf individuals participate in the next IIDFF program.