How to Book Tickets for 83 Movie?

Now in a shocking incident caught on camera, the condition is reversed and two policemen are caught stealing a mobile phone.

Hello everyone! Are you all excited to book tickets for the 83 movie?

  • Open the ISH website on Google Chrome.

  • You will see this page. In the previous video I had told you about the 3 venues, you can see them here - Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur. We will add more venues in the future.

  • If you are from Pune, click on 'Book Tickets' under Pune venue.

  • The Pune Hall has Lower seats and Upper Balcony seats.

  • Choose the one you wish to book.

  • On the Upper balcony seats option, choose the number of tickets that you wish to book - for your wife and children or friends or your office colleagues, or anyone else. You can book as many tickets as you want. For example for 10 tickets, click upto 10.

  • After that click on 'Next'

  • Adding your email id is mandatory.

  • Type your mobile number which is also mandatory.

  • Put in your full name and click on 'Proceed to Pay'

  • There are different options of doing the payment. Scan the QR code.

  • Below the QR are other options like UPI. 

  • You can use this or choose the Debit or Credit card option.

  • You can even transfer the money online. There are different options.

  • After you pay, ISH will receive the money and within 2 days, we will be sending you the tickets on WhatsApp. Remember to keep them safe. When you come for the movie, the ticket will be scanned and you will be allowed in.

  • Remember, if you have booked 10 tickets and then wish to book 5 more, it will not be in the same row. Seats might be different for different bookings. Plan well and book all at once. Remember!

  • Hold on! There will be no refund for cancelled tickets. Remember that!

  • For any query you can contact the ISH Helpdesk on this number.