Deaf Education is a SCAM in India

The Deaf Education System in India is a big SCAM! To know why check out our latest video.

This Tweet by Pallavi Kulshrestha has gone viral! Ms. Pallavi has interpreted the Tweet in Indian Sign Language. Go to this link to watch it. Parents or Teachers? Who is more important? Though both are important, the scale tips in the favor of teachers because they are our 'Gurus'. Their lessons help us excel in life. They are very important. Our parents too teach us to obey our teachers as they are elder than us. This is something that we all agree to. We go to school, buy uniforms, attach ID cards on the uniforms, wear hearing aids, etc. We pay for all this. We pay the school fees as well! But when the teacher teaches, teaches, teaches, nothing happens. We understand nothing. The brain remains empty. And this keeps going on! Then we grow older, we pass SSC! How did we pass when the teacher did not teach us anything? Do you know who I am? I am Harish Bhatia. Everyone knows me. Hearing people may not know me but that's ok.

Deaf people across India know who Harish Bhatia is. I passed SSC all thanks to my teacher. I touch their feet in reverence. This is because they let me copy. This is the case with each and every Deaf person! They all pass exams by copying! Don't ask about the percentage they secure! 75% 90% 95% 80%. So many Deaf people pass with such flying colors all because of their teachers. Huh? Is this what you call a Guru? This is called a SCAM! Remember what Pallavi said, 'Education is a SCAM!'. Huh? A scam happens with money but education?Yes, education is a scam. This is right.

Do you know why? While teaching impatient teachers force Deaf kids to lip-read. They whack the students to lip read. Teachers complain to the parents that their Deaf kids are stupid, they roam around, play with marbles, and are glued to their phone. The Deaf kid is just sitting mum. Parents yell at the kid to listen to the teacher and lip-read. Deaf kids feel helpless. Teachers say the kid is useless and say that they are Deaf and Dumb. Oh, so am I Deaf and Dumb? Are you? Are we all? I guess we all are. This is because teachers are afraid. If students do not understand what they teach, if the students fail, they won't get funds. Donations will stop. To avoid this at all costs, they help Deaf students copy. The lives of the Deaf can go to hell. They do not care at all. They want kids to pass. So that they get funds, which help to pay for their rent, housing, car, and their extravagant lifestyle. So funds are very important to them. Deaf kids can go to hell. I have seen my friends and many others in the Deaf Community, who have been implanted with Cochlear Implants (CI). All these people can not afford to pay for it. So where did the money come from? You may name some kind-hearted generous donors. Who are they? Aah, the Rotary Club. Oh who are you talking about? Aah, the Lions International. Oh, what did you say? Salman Khan? Nice. So many wealthy people donated large sums of money and have implanted Deaf people with Cochlear Implants. Are they truly kind-hearted? No! They are all blindly kind-hearted

All of you! This is true! Deaf people do not want Cochlear Implants! We do not want it! You all think that Cochlear Implants will help the Deaf study and succeed. NO! The opposite is happening. When a Deaf person is implanted, it is making them FAIL in life!

You may think it is nonsense but it is true! Out of 10 Deaf people who have been implanted with CI, only 2 Excel. And the remaining 8? Well, they are dumped in trash. Just like animals are slaughtered and thrown in the trash, when Deaf people with implants are unable to understand, they are treated as malfunctioning robots. The failure rates are hidden away while only a few success stories are shown to Rotary Club, Lions International, Salman Khan, etc. Looking at these few success stories, these people then donated lakhs and crores of Rupees! Thereby making doctors and teachers greedy for money. By doing this, Deaf people are not growing. Honestly, there is no benefit at all.

Deaf people are still illiterate. They are illiterate because teachers are depriving them of Sign Language. Doctors are depriving them of Sign Language. And you continue to donate money to such people. PLEASE! PLEASE! STOP!

Ask the Deaf what we want! Be it anything, donations, funds, etc. The right thing to give us is Sign Language! When you are giving funds for anything be it entertainment, news, education, etc. It must be in Sign Language. Only then you are a kind-hearted person. If you do not listen to the Deaf, then you will remain blindly kind-hearted for the rest of your life. You may think that you are giving access to the Deaf in movies and entertainment through subtitles. NO! NO!NO! But how are we supposed to read when we never received proper education since childhood? How can we read the subtitles? we do not understand anything! Despite this, you are giving us subtitles. NO! We want ISL Interpretation! Accessible entertainment will help us excel! How do hearing people grow? Well, they can hear. They flourish by hearing and reading different languages. They are able to independently manage their booming business. For the Deaf, this is very difficult! They are constantly dependent on their families for money! We are not independent! All because teachers & schools do not teach us, parents do not communicate using Sign Language, hence, depend on their families for money. Even after getting married, having kids, their whole live they keep asking for money. Would you like this to continue? Excuse me ministers, education ministers, what are you doing? Aren't you monitoring this? Do you blindly accept when the teachers say the Deaf are stupid? Don't you check for yourself? Modiji I know you are busy. Please spare a minute and see what is happening in the field of Deaf education! Modiji you always say India must be independent and set up our own businesses. What about the Deaf? What about the Deaf?

Should we just eat, sleep, beg for money and survive on donations? We are not being allowed to stand on our feet and be a part of India's growth!

Please look into this! Change Deaf education! Include ISL! Then we can stand on our feet and contribute to the country! Please Modiji do not turn a blind eye to these matters anymore. I beg of you. Another thing. Parents who have Deaf kids. Please, it's high time you understand. You panic & cry. Please stop this. Calm down! Look around the world there are many Deaf who are successful. Ask questions. 'What do you do with a Deaf kid?' Learn about Sign Language and it's importance. Do not fall prey to what doctors and teachers tell you. When you listen to them and practise oralism instead of Sign Language, the bond between you and your kids is sure to break! If you deprive your child of Sign Language you will never bond with them. Parents change your mindset. Don't get into this trap. Do more research and bond with your Deaf child.

Doctors will say that CIs are great and will show you many success stories from around the world. Yes across the world CIs are very successful. That is because they use CI as well as Sign language. What is happening in India? These shrewd people are putting Sign Language aside and encouraging CIs. Sign Language needs to be encouraged. I do not like to see Deaf people failing. I want them to succeed! How long you want us to treat you as Gurus? It's been 100 years, it's enough! As a teacher you give the best education to your kids, do you give us the same? There are millions of us. Do you just want us to copy & pass? And then just throw us? Please stop and change! Give us education in ISL! Your teachers call us 'Deaf And Dumb'. It is the other way round. You are 'Hearing & Dumb'. You are minds are so rigid. You will be called smart when you realise why Deaf are failures and switch to using Sign Language. If you continue to shut your mind to Sign Language, if you encourage CIs, oralism, speech therapy, etc. then you are Hearing & Dumb! Now this is for government officials, education ministers, donors, for people funding projects, PM Modi, etc. You all ask hearing experts for advice on what should be given to the Deaf. This is a big NO! Do NOT ask hearing experts. Ask us! Ask the Deaf! We know better. Contact us. ISH can help you connect with Deaf Leaders who are experts in education. When it comes to entertainment, and ISL interpretation, there are Deaf experts for this as well! Contact us! We can easily guide you. Otherwise you will be misled and be stupid. So please contact us.