Deaf Community Enjoys Watching Chaal Jeevi Laiye

Have a look at the feedback received from the Deaf after watching the movie Chaal Jeevi Laiye with ISL Interpretation done by ISH News.

The story of the movie Chaal Jeevi Laiye was amazing. Did they doze off? or was the interpretation okay? or were they excited? Let us ask the Deaf how they felt. It was exciting. I had goosebumps. It was superb! I couldn't understand spoken dialogues but with the interpretation, I was really excited. The humour, the twist in the plot, everything was superb. I had tears in my eyes. They did not say they were emotional because of the Gujarati dialogues. The story is important. The language may be Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati or any other. That is irrelevant. Important is the story in which the Deaf are interested. Yes! Yes! That's right. 

When I argue with my family I cry a little. But here I couldn't stop crying. It was so natural! It was the best. I feel so happy. If the subtitles are fast, I can't understand. Now when there was ISL interpretation, I understood it well and am happy. In subtitles, many words are not understood. But with the sign language interpretation, I too, like her, understood everything. I came to see the movie with ISL interpretation by ISH. I was heartbroken to see that it wasn't the father but the son. I felt emotional. The meaning was "Let's Enjoy." I thought, what's so unique about this? Everyone enjoys life. When the man had cancer, his life was short but life must be lived to the fullest. Instead of worrying, life must be enjoyed. It was inspiring. Thank you ISH for the superb film. 

Wonderful! It was beautiful. The sign language interpretation by ISH was superb. I was heartbroken and had tears in my eyes. It was emotional. It was amazing to see such a close knit family! ISH Thank you for the lovely film. Amazing bond between father and son. The son was so worried about the father's health. It was lovely. Thank you. I enjoyed the movie. It was inspiring to see how they enjoyed it even though life was short.

My son too understood sign language interpretation. Hello everyone! Thanks a lot to the ISH Team for the exciting film.

I loved it. The expressions in the songs were amazing. The father celebrating his son's birthday even after the son's death made me very emotional. I cannot understand the spoken dialogues. But I completely understand sign language. Hope there are more movies interpreted in ISL. Thank you ISH team for the hardwork. Applause! I am very happy. It was a lovely story. It was emotional. Sign Language interpretation is important for accessibility. Applause! Cheers!