DAI Hosts First Programme in Bengaluru

The DAI for the first time in South India have organised the programme in Bengaluru on World Deaf Day.

*Correction: Sunil's Last Name is Sahasrabudhe*

Deaf Awareness and Impact is an association based in Delhi. It was founded by Balbir Singh.Their aim is to host programmes all over India and spread awareness among the Deaf community. DAI’s organised it’s first programme in Northern India in Ghaziabad. DAI have been working with S Gowtham for a long time. Gowtham insisted that DAI must conduct a programme in South India. This is why for the first time, they will host a programme in Bengaluru. 

This programme will be organised and managed by S Gowtham. He is the National Programme Co-ordinator. 

Ganesh Rao A is the President of Karnataka State Deaf Welfare Association’s President  & Vice  Chairman of The Association of the Deaf Bangalore. He has supported the DAI’s programme in Bengaluru.This programme will be held on the same day as World Deaf Day which is 29th September 2019. It will be held from 9:00am to 4:00pm. The name of the hall is JAIN College, Bengaluru. Deaf Leaders Rajesh Ketkar will present lectures on “SWOT” & Sunil Sahasrabudhe will present a lecture on “Leadership & Role Model”. If you are interested in this programme, let me explain how you can buy tickets. You have to follow two steps.

Step 1:

The entry fees are Rs 250/- Please pay this amount through Phonepe on this number. Please remember this number is only for payment. If you have any doubts or questions you can contact these persons.

Step 2:

Once you have finished the payment on Phonepe, take a screenshot of the receipt. Go to this link, and fill the registration form. In the form please fill all your details and upload the screenshot of your receipt on the registration form. 

Once you do this, your ticket will be confirmed. After the programme you will even receive a participation certificate. People from Karnataka and other states of India are welcome to attend.