Comment and Support 'Tiger Nageswara Rao' in ISL

Tiger Nageshwar Rao is an inclusive Indian movie with a diverse cast and ISL interpretation in its trailers, encouraging more comments to show support for this unique unity in cinema.

Hello! This movie Tiger Nageshwar Rao is based on true rumours. This is the real Sign Name of actor Ravi Teja. You all know this. This is his Sign Name in this movie. 

The trailer was released in Telugu and Hindi! Surprisingly both the trailers had ISL interpretation. Come have a look! Wow! I am so happy that for the first time the ISL trailer is releasing along with the other trailers. Both the videos have more than 1,85,000 and 82,000 views! However there are very few comments. Just 170 - 180 comments! I want more people to comment. I want 10,000, 20,000 comments as there are so many Deaf in India. Under these 2 videos, put in your comments. Don't worry about your English skills. You can just comment, "Wow! ISL. I am happy." or anything else that you wish to say. When the Director and the Producer sees thousands of comments, they will believe the Deaf are equally interested.

Hey, let me tell you, when you see the trailer, you will think it is a South movie. That's not true. The makers had a unique idea. This movie's cast includes amazing actors from North, South, East and West of India.

It is an Indian movie! Wonderful! Earlier, Bollywood was separate, South or Tollywood was separate.

This movie has brought everyone together. Time has really changed. There is also ISL Interpretation. You must support them and comment. Come on! Comment below the video link sent by ISH News on Whatsapp or go on YouTube link to comment. There are many ways. Follow the same links. Spread the message and don't forget to ask your family and friends to comment.

Watch the Trailer here: