Charles-Michel De l'Epee - Father of the Deaf

Achievements of Charles-Michel De l'Epee and Google's remembrance of his 306th birthday.

Charles-Michel de l'Epée founded the first deaf public school in france. He created a very systematic method to teach the deaf.

Charles studied theology and law before he decided to work for the poor in paris.

When he was in paris he observed two deaf sisters talking with the help of signs. Looking at them he realised that a language created specially for the deaf would help them communicate better.

He created the first sign alphabets for the deaf. This idea helped change so many lives and has helped the deaf be more involved in the society.

On his 306th birthday google created a doodle to clear people doubts about the deaf. The school he created was entirely with his own money. He never accepted money from anyone else.

The french government later called him "Benefactor of Humanity" and declared the rights of deaf people.