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ISH has designed some beautiful items! Check out our video to place your orders!

Hello everyone! I know you are all very excited to watch 83 in ISL! After screenings in Mumbai & Pune, our upcoming shows are in Surat, Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, Delhi and many more. We have shows planned in various parts of India, maybe in Chennai, Kolkata, and many other cities. ISH will keep you posted. Now here is something very important to keep watching. I know you all love ISH and have a great bond with us because our accessible news is very satisfying. You also enjoy and learn from all our videos. Do you want something that will remind you about ISH for life? Here have a look at some things. See? Like these pens and mugs? So how do you buy these? ISH teammates will be attending the 83 movie screenings. Now if you know that the movie will be screened in one place, then let us know in advance how many items you need and do the payment as well. You can make the payment via PhonePe or GooglePay. Worried about communication? One of our teammates will be incharge answering calls and clearing doubts.

You can use their mobile number and place an order for the items you need. Once the payment is done, we will pack your order and give you at the day of the screening. So easy! Otherwise if we post it, there will be extra charges! So save time buy making payment in advance and collect the order. Like any of the items? Then come on place an order and remember ISH for life!

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