BFDW Christmas Bazaar Exhibition

BFDW showcased the handicraft items made by deaf women at the Christmas Bazaar exhibition in Bandra.

Aqil Chinoy a representative of ISH , was at Bandra to attend the Christmas Bazaar Exhibition at Bandra Gymkhana. This event took place on the 14 and 15 of December from 4 pm to 10 pm. This bazaar had different stalls but there was one special stall which was set up by the BFDW.

Bombay Foundation for Deaf women sells handicrafts made by deaf women in Mumbai. ISH is very proud to see deaf women independently carrying out business.

Aqil met with the organiser of the stall Hema Vithlani.He asked her a few questions regarding their organisation. He learnt that BFDW attends around 15 exhibitions in a year where they sell items handmade by deaf women. The income generated from this sale,is shared with the poor deaf women.The exhibitions are very important to BFDW as they want to empowering deaf women.

The deaf women at the stall confidently communicate with the hearing customers. They communicate by writing things down or with the help of an interpreter.

ISH is very proud of BFDW. These women are a force to be reckoned with. We urge you all to support these women.