AICGDEA Hosts Impactful Seminar in Bhopal

The AICGEDA had conducted an impactful seminar in Bhopal. Watch the video for a detailed understanding of the programme.

The AICGEDA stands for the All India Central Government Employee Deaf Association. The association had conducted a seminar in Bhopal for all the Deaf Central Government Employees. In this Seminar the General Body Meeting was held, elections for a new Board were held and awareness presentations were given. 

ISH News representatives were amazed to see such a large number of participants. A presentation was given by R.Gayathi about the RPWD Act and rules about reservation for Central Government employees. Lecture gave them many helpful information. ISH News also interviewed their President D.R.R. Swamy, their General Secretary S.Murugan, Executive Member Sanjay Soni and Co-ordinator Saju Stephen. 

Interviews with these individuals was extremely insightful. They are working very hard to help fight for the rights of Deaf persons in the Central government. They successfully advocated against transfers, long working hours, travel allowance, etc. They gave lectures about how Deaf individuals can get promoted every five years. The AICGEDA is doing a fantastic job empowering the Deaf Central Government employees.