8th Maharashtra Deaf Conference

8th Maharashtra Deaf Conference organised by OKVS for increasing deaf unity and empowerment.

The 8th Maharashtra Deaf conference was held on the 25 November 2018 at Dombivli. This was hosted by Omkar Karnbadir Vikas Sanstha (OKVS). This organisation is affiliated with the State Level Association of the Deaf (SLAD). This is the 8th time SLAD organised such s program.

Several professionals shared their lectures on topics such as RPWD, deaf unity, the right approach in advocacy, etc which were very beneficial to all the deaf delegates.   

ISH News representative Vicky shah  had a conversation with Mr.Rajesh Kulkarni the president of OKVS. He explains how OKVS helps the deaf community.

These 350 delegates will go back to their districts in Maharashtra and advocate for deaf rights. They will organise lectures in their districts to spread awareness about deaf empowerment and unity.