7th Muslim Deaf Festival for EID

The 7th Muslim Deaf festival was held in Mumbai for all Deaf Muslims. This programme also conducted a matrimonial service for Deaf people to ind a match from the Muslim community.

The 7th Muslim Deaf Festival for Eid was held in Mumbai. More than 200 Deaf individuals attended this event. Many Muslim leaders came and gave a lecture. A matrimony programme for Deaf Muslims to meet each other was also held in the latter half of the day. This event help to support Deaf people and also to solve their marital problems. For the last seven years Defa people have successfully met each other and got married. 

Mr Fasith Rahman the General Secretary of Interactive Foundation for the Deaf also came and gave a lecture regarding marital problems between Deaf Muslims. Nizamuddin Chowdhary the CEO of Islamic Information Centre for the Deaf has managed the program for the last seven years. He started the programme so that Deaf individuals from the Muslim community can easily find a match. 

Shabina Chowdhary interpreter for the Islamic Information Centre for the Deaf has been a very big supported of this event. She says that their association provides a safe and inclusive space for individuals to find partners as well as solve their marital problems.