29th Pranay Milan Sammelan Helps Deaf Find Life Partners

During the 29th Anniversary of Pranay Milan Sammelan, Aqil Chinoy interviews with Mrs.Uma Kapoor, GS of AIFDW and two couples about their experiences.

At the special program, Pranay Milan Sammelan, Mr. Aqil Chinoy, News Reporter narrates that this programme had been running since and today is it's 29th Anniversary.

This event is organised by All India Foundation of Deaf Women (AIFDW) at New Delhi. Sixty deaf male singles and 28 deaf female singles along with their parents attended the programme.

The Chairperson, Ms. Rajyalakshmi Rao, along with other VIPs such as Mr M.K.V Choudary Central Vigilance Commissioner, GOI Praising Activities of AIFDW, Mr Matt Ingeneri Economic Growth Unit Chief with the US Embassy in India, Smt Minu Singh Vice-Chairperson, Smt Uma Kapoor Secretary General Secretary of AIFDW and Justice Sanjay Kishen Kaul a Supreme Court Judge  graced the event with their presence and gave away the gifts to the newly-weds.

Aqil also interviews two of the newly-wed couples. The first question is how does they both meet and agree with each other’s proposal? The second question targeted at the wives is how do they feel about their husband?

The husband of the first couples answered, “After the programme, our parents contacted each other and agreed our proposals. The wife said that she lived in Jaipur, Rajasthan while her husband is from Delhi. While their parents were discussing they marriage proposals for several days, she had been praying for prosperity. Eventually God answered her prayers and they are happily married for 1 year. Thanks to Pranay Milan Sammelan.

The husband of the second couples said, “Our parents have been reading each other's bio-data with bit of doubts. One year back, we finally met each other at the programme and our parents' doubts are cleared. I felt good that we met via the programme.”

The wife said, “We have been married since two months ago. I feel he is wonderful. We are able to communicate. We have no issues after our marriage. And we are happily in love with each other. He is sweet and cool. Thank you!”

Aqil also introduces Mrs. Uma Kapoor, General Secretary of All India Foundation of Deaf Women (AIFDW) and asked her what motivated her to launch this valuable programme?

She answered that the programme first started in 1991. Before that, when she was working in the Sports office, several parents of deaf youths had been entering into the office often and requesting her help in finding suitable bride/bridegroom for them. This made her boss upset because they were disturbing her. Then she got the idea of organising one programme in every year. After its announcement, parents and deaf singles came and met each other for the first time. Their introduction on the stage, meeting of the parents and interaction with each other were made easier. Returning to home, they finalized their marriage proposals after few telephonic talks. So this was how she started the programme.

The second question is: “What are the messages that you wish to share with the hearing parents of deaf children seeking marriage?” She responded that for the fathers and mothers who attended the event, she has provided the living proof that marriage proposals for the deaf couples are made easier. She has invited the newly-wed deaf couples to receive the gifts from the VIPs and take photos of them as proof of our success. Secondly, she is spreading awareness that Sign Language is important for parents to learn. “Father-in-law or Mother-in-law are finding it difficult to communicate with son-in-law or daughter-in-law.” she said.

The solution of this problem is that the hearing parents should learn Sign Language which will be beneficial for all. Aqil agrees with her and says that communication is very important for the parents to maintain trust and close relationship with their deaf children and ensure the success and prosperity of the deaf people.

For the conclusion, Mrs. Uma says, “Through ISH News, I wanted to deliver the strong messages to everyone about this programme. Parents should attend this programme, learn sign language and support the prosperity of the deaf community.”

Aqil closed by welcoming the viewer next year, and encouraging every deaf single men and women seeking marriages to attend this valuable programme with their parents in the future.