25th Navratri Utsav of the Deaf in Pune

The 25th Silver Jubilee Navratri Utsav of the Deaf will be held in Pune on 21st October 2023. To know the exciting details, watch the full video.

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you about the 25th Silver Jubilee Navratri Utsav of the Deaf. How exciting! It will be held in Pune! It will be held on 21st October 2023. 

Look at the volunteers for the event. The timings are - 9:30am to 9:30pm. It is at this venue. 

Here is the price per person: For ages 5 to 12 the price is Rs 449 and For ages 12 and above it is Rs 799. This includes breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner! Awesome! Those who are Jain or who are observing a fast, need not worry. All food arrangements are made for you. Remember the last day to buy tickets is 10th October 2023. If you buy the tickets after 10th October, you will be allowed entry but you will not be given food. This is because food orders need to be placed and last minute orders can not be placed. 

To apply click on this link and fill up the form - https://ish.news/navaratri-pune . Click on the link, fill up the form and contact these people to make the payment. Please remember that don't call for frivolous reasons. When you call to book tickets, please talk to the point. 

For the Garba and Dandiya dances many of you will have traditional outfits. Some want to attend but do not have outfits for the event. Well don't worry! There is a Deaf person who is giving many such outfits on rent.  Now here is some good news for you! When you come for the Navratri event there will be competitions for women, men, children, couples, etc. 33 different prizes will be given and you can enjoy so much! So come on, dress your best and enjoy!

Secondly, if you want to sell some of your handicrafts at the exhibition then you can do it and you can contact certain people. Price of the stall for one person is Rs 800 and food will be included as well. However for the entry you will have to pay separately.

There is good news for Deaf couples! Their Deaf children, both boys and girls who have passed SSC or HSC with 75% or above in 2023, then they will be given a prize. Deaf parents who have hearing kids and who have become professionals like lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc. then they also will be given prizes! How exciting! Please remember that you have to attend the event along with your child. The prize will be given only if the child accompanies the parent. If your kid is eligible then please contact the organizers.

So come on enjoy! 4 members from ISH will be attending the event as well! Aqil Chinoy will also be at the event! Mr Alok Kejriwal will try to come to the event. Yunikee's Rahul Jain will also be there. Voice of Deaf - Dinesh Lilani will also be there. Wow, so many amazing people! You can meet all of them! This event is so fun!

If you need help with accommodation then you can contact the volunteers for the same.

Have you never toured Pune? Do you want to visit a few sites? There are some beautiful places! Do you want to visit them? Here are the people who will contact you.

If you buy the ticket and then wish to cancel it for personal reasons, then the organizers will not issue a refund. You can give the ticket to your friend or family but the organizers will not issue a refund. We will meet very soon! So this was all the information! The event is so much fun! Right?

For doubts and queries you can contact the organizers.