2023 Deaf Haldi KumKum Event in Mumbai

160 Deaf people gathered to enjoy the 46th Haldi Kum Kum festivities in Mumbai and they also celebrated Republic Day.

So many Deaf people have gathered here in Mumbai! This programme is in celebration of the 46th anniversary of the Haldi Kumkum event and also Republic Day. Have a look at all the Deaf people gathered here. Those who bought the lucky draw coupons, will have a chance of winning gifts!

There will be houses as well! Look at them excitedly buying the coupons! Deaf men and women are currently participating in a rangoli competition. So happy to see that even men are participating! They are making beautiful designs. The designs will be judged and winners will be given prizes. Have a look. There is a beauty pageant for both men and women. People from all age groups will be participating. Winners will be awarded prizes! Have a look at judges judging the contestants. Now this a great idea for a game! A woman's face has been drawn on a canvas. The player is blind-folded. If they manage to perfectly draw the bindi on her forehead, they win.



Have a look at the exciting game. 160 Deaf people have gathered here on 26th January for the haldi kumkum celebrations! They are now having lunch. Look at the board members who organized today's event. Manoj sent an application to the Mantralaya and got this hall at a subsidized rate. Hope the board maintain their unity. After an entire day's events, competition, etc. everyone's tired minds will now be treated with a cup of tea! After this they will enjoy the lucky draws. Have a look! 8 wards will be given to male lucky draw winners, 8 will be given to female lucky draw winners. After this winners will be selected from both men and women. Look at the award ceremony for all the different competitions. Cheers for your hard work! After enjoying the entire day, everyone will have dinner and leave for their homes. Everyone enjoyed the games, beauty pageant, children did art, lucky draw etc. This event complete 47 years next years! So make sure you come! Share it with everyone!