Yummy Pani Puri Festival in Mumbai!

ISH News and team enjoy the pani puri festival in Mumbai. Check out the video see how our team handles the crazy spice!

Where am I? I am at RCity Mall, where they have a Pani Puri festival! Now ISH News teammates are taking part in a competition! Let's watch! See there are so many different stalls. This is not a normal pani puri! It is extremely spicy! So who are the contestants? ISH News teamates. Want to see? I hope to beat everyone in this competition! Watch out! Bring on the spicy pani puri competition!No no I will win! No she will lose, I will win! Oh god help me! Fingers crossed. Let's start eating some yummy pani puris! I will win! Just watch!

1.. 2.. 3..! This is nothing! Quick quick, come on! This pani puri was not at all spicy! That's crazy! Come on bring on another round of spicy pani puris! I thought it was going to be spicy but it was nothing. I kept thinking it would be spicy but none of us found it spicy. We need to do it again! Bring on the spice! Seems like everyone is going to win, it wasn't spicy at all. Wait. Now see how the tables turn. Come on start! Spicy! Look what has happened to Harshali's eyes! Fire! Fire! Fire! Mansi's crazy spicy challenge really worked! What a genius! Are we going to let their mouths burn or should we do something for them? Check this out! Such weakling! It wasn't spicy and I was the winner! I won't have icecream like you losers! Our mouths are on fire! Ya ya you win! After the Pani Puri shots, whats the next competition? Aree now there is no competition! Now we are going to try something yummy & unique! Unique? Over there! So excited to try the pizza pani puri! Come on let's check it out! Naa this is better! I will try the Kolkata Pani Puri! That's different! That's so yummy! It tastes delicious and it is very yummy! It is yummy and very smooth!

Tastes just like a continental dish with many vegetables. You better go get married to a foreigner! Hmm

Now you will do the spice challenge! No way! Pizza pani puri? Na na na you are all wannabe foreigners. Not me! How about the Kolkata pani puri? I can't eat the huge kolkata puri? No way! So many types of pani puri! So much confusion! Hey don't have the pani puri it is spicy and both of us can't handle it. Better have icecream. Ice cream? That's so common! No no no! Ice cream pani puri! Ice cream pani puri! Yum lets go lets go! That's delicious! You have the puri, boondi, everything! What a unique flavour! This pani puri festival have so many items. If you are interested come! There are clothes and more to enjoy!