Tourist Destinations in India in 2021

This year due to coronavirus, many of us had to cancel our travel plans.But with vaccines showing success, we can start planning our travel again. See the video to know some underrated places in our v

2020 started with a nightmare. Everything was shut down and due to this, many of us had to cancel our travel plans. Fortunately, with some vaccines showing success, you may be able to start planning a vacation in 2021. There are many underrated, beautiful but not known spots in India that you can visit

Mandu, Madhya Pradesh: Mandu is situated in Madhya Pradesh. It is full of beautiful Afghan architecture and some Baobab Trees. There are numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites including palaces, tombs. Jahaz Mahal floats over twin lakes. As the name suggests, the palace looks like a ship.

Unakoti, Tripura : Tripura is an underrated state for tourism. The main tourist spot in Tripura is Unakoti. It is known for its marvelous rock carvings, and waterfalls. Visitors can hike and trek in the area.

Wayanad, Kerala: Wayanad is a winter destination in Kerala. Kerala is known for Munnar, Ooty, and other hill stations but Wayanad should not be forgotten. This place is clean, pristine and has everything for a nature lover. Along with wildlife, plantation, and a natural ambiance, Wayanad also has forests that are around 3000 years old.

Keibul Lamjao, Manipur: Keibul Lamjao in the Bishnupur District, Manipur. It is the world's only floating park, and it floats on Loktak Lake. It is spread over an area of 40sqkm and has a unique and rare fauna that also includes the endangered deer species, Sangai. This place is unique but only a few people have heard about this travel destination.

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh: Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh is a place for everyone. If you like to stay active, this place has ample of adventure sports, fishing, exploration etc. or you can just sit in the pine-studded landscape of the valley doing nothing. Just remember that this place should be visited during the summers.

A point to remember is that travelling will not be the same as before. Before you leave, do research and check the state government and local governments guidelines. When you reach your destination follow all safety precautions. Travel is possible but only if you are responsible.