Tips to Remember Before & After Vaccination
The Times Of India
May 23, 2021

Watch our latest video to learn about all the points one needs to remember before and after vaccination.

Given the recent surge in the coronavirus cases, the initiation of vaccination drive for 18+ is indeed a blessing in disguise. However there are a few points that one needs to remember prior to vaccination. 

  1. Pregnant mothers, people with allergic reactions to vaccines, pharmaceutical products, and notable food allergies, and acutely unwell or hospitalised people must avoid getting the vaccine. COVID positive patients should not take the vaccine. These patients will take the vaccine 3 months after they recover.  The second dose of Covid vaccine should also be delayed by three months for anyone contracting the disease after the first dose.

  2. Menstruating women can get the vaccine. 

  3. All medications are to be continued. There is no need to stop any medications.

  4. Experts say avoid Alcohol & Smoking or have it in very small quantities as it can suppress the immune response.If you have further doubts, it is best to consult a physician for the same. 

  5. The majority of the Indian population is yet to be fully vaccinated, which is why it is important to follow all precautionary measures, including wearing masks. Post-vaccination, a person may develop a certain amount of immunity against the virus, but it does not mean that he or she cannot be a carrier of the virus. Therefore, in order to protect other unvaccinated people, it is important that you continue wearing your masks. 

  6. No cold or warm compress at the site of injection. 

  7. Eat a healthy diet and increase fluids before and after vaccination.  

  8.  One can donate blood only 14 days after any of the 2 jabs.