The World’s Most Dangerous Garden

There is a garden called ‘The Poison Garden’ in Northumberland, which has the scariest plants around. See the video to know more about it.

Plants have the power to heal us, yet plants have the power to harm us. However, there is one particular garden which is extremely dangerous. This garden is called ‘The Poison Garden’. The garden was created in 2005  by Jane Percy, the Duchess of Northumberland as she wanted to show people the scariest plants around. It is located on the grounds of Alnwick Castle in Northumberland and is the deadliest garden in the world. 

In the Poison Garden, you can admire the plants with your eyes, but you're not allowed to touch or smell anything, because every plant in the garden is poisonous, and can possibly even kill you. There are over 100 plants in the Poison Garden, and they're all wicked in some way. Some of the narcotic plants, like poppies, cannabis, and tobacco don't sound so bad. But some plants sit behind cages because they're so deadly. The head gardener, Trever Jones, even has to tend the garden wearing a face shield, gloves and protective bodysuit just to get around. There is one particular plant that is extremely dangerous. It is called ‘Hogweed’. If you touch Hogweed, it burns the skin. Blisters caused from the reaction to hogweed can last up to seven years. 

The fact that the Poison Garden is filled with literal poisons doesn't stop people from attending. Around 800,000 people visit the garden each year. Part of the point of the garden is to educate children on the dangers of drugs.