Stop Plastic & Use Wooden Combs!

Do you know that plastic combs can damage your hair? Wooden combs are better. See the video for details.

In an attempt to take best care of your hair, you may have stopped chemicals and artificial ingredients in your hair care products by adopting a clean and eco-friendly routine. But do you think that only hair care ingredients with nasty chemicals are responsible for damaging your hair? What about plastic combs and brushes? Even these can damage your hair! Switching to wooden combs and brushes can have a lot of benefits.


  1. Combs made of plastic are harsh and can damage your scalp. Wooden combs, on the other hand, are gentle and massage the scalp. This helps distribute the scalp oil as well as promote hair growth.

  2. Plastic combs increase the electric charge in your hair leading to static — this makes your hair more prone to damage and breakage. This does not happen in wooden combs. So use it instead. 

  3. Have you ever faced a situation where your scalp feels naturally oil, but your hair is dry? That’s because the oils produced by the scalp are not getting evenly distributed. Wooden bristles have the ability to absorb the natural oils from the scalp and distribute it evenly along each strand. This results in shinier and glossier hair and also prevents greasy roots. 

  4. Compared to plastic combs, wooden ones have wider bristles which allows the comb or brush to glide easily through the hair. It detangles hair with minimum effort and strain on the hair, this leads to reduced hair loss and breakage.

  5. Scalp can be a sensitive area and conventional combs can sometimes cause irritation or scalp infection. Some wooden combs are made from the bark of neem and other such trees; these keep scalp problems like dandruff at bay. 

So go ahead and get wooden combs to keep your hair healthy and strong.