Stop Using Dangerous Mosquito Repellent Coils!

Burning mosquito coils in an enclosed space doesn’t just kill mosquitoes in your room. In the long run, it can kill you too!

Mosquitoes are tiny little insects that have the ability and the capability to make our lives a living hell. They constantly bite you, leaving you with a large itchy red rash on your skin and they are also the carriers for innumerable diseases. So, all of us get our saviours, the mosquito coils for a good night’s sleep! But before you fire up those coils, we have to warn you about something. The thing is, burning mosquito coils in an enclosed space doesn’t just kill mosquitoes in your room. In the long run, it can kill you too! 

Mosquito coils are commonly used in homes and offices. These coils contain heavy metals like aluminum, chromium, and tin, insecticides. 

  1. Lung cancer: Mosquito coils contain carcinogens that can give a tough time to your lungs, ultimately raising the risk of lung cancer. 

  2. Triggers asthma : This is so because the burning of mosquito coils can lead to an asthma attack, breathing problems, and even cough. 

  3. Headaches: The substances present in the coils can induce headaches. There are a majority of people who will suffer from headaches after burning a coil. Thus, using a coil may not be a good idea.

  4. Rashes on the skin and allergies: The metals in the coils can also invite rashes and allergies. So, be vigilant while using the coils.

  5. Harmful effects on children: The coils contain chemicals that are not safe to be inhaled, and can cause or aggravate breathing problems due to indoor air pollution.

  6. It is a fire hazard: Our homes in India are not too big and too spacious. A mosquito repellent coil will always be close to our beds, cupboards or sofas or anything else in the house. It is very risky as it is very easy for something or the other to catch fire in such close quarters. 

A similar incident recently took place in Delhi which resulted in the death of six people. The family of 8 burnt a mosquito repellent coil at night. During the night, the mosquito coil accidentally fell on the blanket and the blanket caught fire. Eventually, fire broke out in the house and as a result, carbon monoxide, a harmful gas, was formed. Due to the inhalation of the gas, 6 of the people, including a 6-month baby in the house died. The police rushed to the spot in a jiffy. 2 people who were injured were hospitalized.

Apart from coils, the ointments, creams, roll-ons and even the mosquito repellent refill machines that you plug-in can be dangerous and harm you too. All these have so many chemicals and toxins that are prone to affect humans sooner or later. They are harmful in the same way as coils.