Sign Language Rights For Deaf Women

Today's theme of the International Week of the Deaf is ‘SIGN LANGUAGE RIGHTS FOR DEAF WOMEN’. Sign Language is right that must be given to all Deaf women.

Today is the 5th day of the International Week of the Deaf and today’s theme is ‘SIGN LANGUAGE RIGHTS FOR DEAF WOMEN’. According to WFD, the number of women is a lot more than women. This means that the number of Deaf women is also more than Deaf men. Article 6 of the UN’s CRPD says that Deaf women as well as women with disabilities face a lot of discrimination and opression. In India, women face a lot of discrimination and men and women are never given equal treatment. In the Indian Deaf community as well, Deaf women face many problems. There is a severe shortage of education in Sign language for women in India. Because of not getting quality education women face many problems in their professional lives. 

They are unable to find suitable jobs. Even if they do find jobs, there is no accessibility and communication barriers are making the job even more difficult. 

The Indian constitution has many laws that safeguard the rights of women in India. However, these laws are completely inaccessible to Deaf Indian women. Because of this, if anything wrong happens to them, they are unable to use the law to protect themselves. Healthcare awareness regarding pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, personal hygiene is still completely inaccessible to Deaf women. This is why they face many health problems as well. The Indian government must try to make sure there is gender equality and the Deaf women are included in the society equal to hearing women. In India, there are many Deaf women associations that work for the development of Deaf women. We must all support them and make sure the women get their Human rights.