Sign language Rights for All Children

Today is the second day of the International Week of Sign Language and today’s theme is “Sign Language Rights for All Children.”

Today 24th September 2019, is the 2nd day of the International Week of the Deaf 2019. The theme for today is “Sign language Rights for All Children” 

Sign language is a language that Deaf children can learn naturally. However, as 95% of deaf children are born to hearing parents who usually don’t know Sign Language. These children learn sign language very late in life. 

Because of this they become weak in Sign language as well as any other language they are taught. Children then become unable to think clearly, solve problems, make decisions, etc. 

The WFD has said that Deaf children must be taught their National Sign language at a very young age in schools. They must be taught their National Sign language as well as their National Written Language. 

Teachers must be fluent in the National Sign languages and deaf children must be surrounded by other Deaf children and deaf adult role models. These are very important for the development of their identity.

Doing this makes sure their mind develops well and they are ready to achieve their goals. To make sure the children receive this right, families of Deaf children must be taught Sign Language by the government. 

Today in India there are hundreds of Deaf schools that follow oralism and do not stress on the importance of Sign Language. Due to this the Deaf youth face many barriers and find it very difficult to achieve their dream.

Let’s make sure that every Deaf child in India receives education in Sign Language. We must all continue to demand these basic human rights for the future of our children.