ISH News Reporting Live From Delhi's Freezing Cold

Have a look at ISH Staff reporting live from Delhi in freezing cold temperature and on how to keep yourself safe during coldwave.


I am in India's capital Delhi and it is freezing cold! I am at the Kartavya Path and you can see the Indian Parliament behind me. Everything is engulfed in a thick white fog. It is 2:30 in the afternoon!


I thought it was cold only in the morning, but in the afternoon the temperature is 11 degrees celsius!

It's freezing! Everyone is fully clothed in sweaters and hardly anyone ventures outside. Everyone is at home to avoid the cold.


This Deaf man is a resident of Delhi and his name is Devendra Singh. I asked him how he feels about this. It's extremely cold in Delhi, Yes! Those living in Delhi are naturally able to cope with the cold.


However this is not the case with visitors. For example when ISH team mates came here it was too cold for them. I am used to the cold because I grew up in Delhi, but everyone is different.

See? It is so cold! This is why your health is very important. You all know Satvic Movement has so many videos! There are two important videos. How to increase your immunity to protect from diseases and winter soups. Watch these and learn. Those living in Delhi, Uttarakhand, and other northern states experiencing the cold wave, can protect their health from illnesses. 


I have reached Mumbai but oh my God, Delhi was freezing cold! Our train from Mumbai to Delhi was delayed by 2 hours! Some flights were cancelled and some were delayed. This was because of the thick fog. While returning to Mumbai, our train was once again delayed by 2-2.5 hours. Many flights were delayed as well. Since 2008 this is the second coldest period in Delhi beating temperatures in Uttarakhand & UP.


I hope you take care of your health & follow the Satvic Lifestyle.