ISH News Meets Deaf Traveller

Watch our latest video to meet the amazing Deaf Traveller Calvin Young the founder of Seek the World.

Meet Calvin Young, the enthusiastic Deaf traveller, who has explored 70 countries across the world and is now visiting India. While in India, he had a conversation with ISH News about his passion for travelling and the aim of ‘Seek the World’ a company started by him. 

According to Calvin, the reason he travels is to create awareness among the Deaf community that they are equal to the Hearing and can go anything. He has faced many challenges while travelling to countries like Iceland, Turkey, Philippines, etc. Calvin strives to educate the hearing community about their biases about the Deaf so that other Deaf can travel to such places with ease. Now in India, he talks about his love for food and the culture shock he faces. 

Calvin Young, is working to open the minds of the Deaf and have them understand that nothing is impossible. He travels the world and explores various sign languages, Deaf establishments, cultures, etc by recording and sharing his experiences on social media.